Rishabh Kumar
Associate at Decision Technology
Work Experience
October 2018 - Present
Decision Technology Ltd

Dectech specialises in helping businesses and policymakers understand and manage customer decision-making and provide insights at the interaction between market research and strategy consulting by delivering field research and behavioural insights alongside financial analysis and business advice.

International Entrepreneurs Programme Lead
September 16- June 17
The University of Sheffield Enterprise

I recognised an opportunity to improve University’s engagement with international students. After explaining this to senior managers, I was able to inspire a cross-departmental effort to support me in making this programme happen. This involved: planning and delivering ten enterprise skills workshops, securing expert speakers to facilitate the sessions and marketing of the event. I will be presenting this programme at the Annual National UKCISA conference.

Policy Analyst
August 16- September 16
Global Policy Journal

Currently working with a UK based journal company to analyse policies in the G20 summit in Hangzhou. I will be focusing my attention on mostly to the topics of economics and finance.

Summer Intern: Programme Developer
June 16- Present
University of Sheffield Enterprise

Currently working as the Summer Intern with USE to independently develop a programme for International Students. Along this, I am working on research project with the USE’s research officer to identify the potential by International Students to start their own start up in UK and how to best support them.

Marketing Intern
Sept 15- June 2016
University of Sheffield Enterprise

I assist the Marketing Officer in the delivery of the marketing plan including copywriting, social media and email marketing. Having identified a need to increase diversity within enterprise and entrepreneurship, I used my initiative to develop my own event: Liberating Potential, which seeks to engage with students from underrepresented backgrounds. I was successful in securing funding from the Students’ Union to run the event and ran a successful marketing campaign to promote it. I am proud to say the event sold out within one day, exceeding all expectations.

Bar and Catering Assistant
Sept 15- Present
Bar One in Sheffield Students’ Union

Worked in the award winning student bar where the role demands a professional and courteous manner and the ability to work effectively in a team in a pressured environment, to which I have received significant praise.

Research and analytical skills
First class research and analytical skills in Macroeconomics, theoretical and applied, demonstrated throughout my degree in Economics and through my varied work experience. Worked for the Human Resources Department and Strategy Planning and Governance to analyse staff feedback data of staff engaged in Project Management. I presented my findings in report and also selected the training programme for staff. Worked for the Faculty of Social Sciences, to analyse student feedback reports on the first Achieve More Programme and then further write further more reports to enhance the programme for the Second Achieve More silver edition. Currently, I am working as a research assistant to the research officer in the University of Sheffield Enterprise. I am currently working on a self-started research project. This research looks into the potential of International Students starting their own start-ups. This has given me the opportunity to understand more about how
Organisational skills
A born organiser I have assisted in the running of, and developed my own, successful events. Whilst working at USE as the Marketing Intern, out of an initial idea I developed the concept for a two-day enterprise event. I secured funding, implemented a successful marketing campaign and managed all the logistical planning necessary to run a successful event. In addition, I have always combined a strong academic record with part-time work and a demanding array of extracurricular positions.
Communication skills
I possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the number of elected positions I have successfully campaigned for. I am fluent in English as a second language and also speak the two most popular Indian languages, Hindi and Marathi.