Five top tips for an excellent Economics degree!

Last July I finished my undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Sheffield.  Working alongside studies then getting a first class, I think, gives me some wisdom in providing the incoming freshers with some good advice. So here are my top 5 tips!

1.Stay Organised

Well, this one might seem very cliche but, I think, its one of the main things that an undergraduate needs to keep in mind while studying economics. Many economics courses have few contact hours (I only had about 13 a week). Hence its very easy to fall in the trap that less contact hours mean less work.

2.  Reading outside your degree syllabus

In the economics degree, the syllabus is just a suggestion. Reading outside is not only helpful while writing your essays but more importantly, it helps in understanding the topic you are learning. Plus, a more significant benefit is that to get a first class you would need to show examples of extra reading and deep understanding.

3.  Work Experience

By work experience, I am trying to imply any kind of experience you gain outside your degree. In most of my job interviews I have never been asked about anything related to economics implicitly. However, economics degree is so flexible that you can always make use of something you did in your degree and then sell it to your employer as an added benefit. Having said all this,  I think it is crucial that you make sure you have some work experience to show on your CV.  Working alongside your degree is an excellent way of signalling to your employer that you are resilient, reliable and know how to manage tasks to meet multiple deadlines!

4.   Have some me time

Undergraduate years are overwhelming. There is lots to learn not only academically and professionally but also personally. You will undoubtedly make plenty of mistakes. AND ITS FINE. Always take your time, Your Time. Relax and make time to chill and motivate yourself. Also do try, your best, to use this me time to say positive things to yourself. Think critically about your subject but not too much about yourself.

5. Keep yourself motivated

Easier said than done right? I know! My few tips for you here would be do one thing at a time. Listening to music and perhaps studying is okay, but also try to study without any music. When you are cooking or eating do not mix other activities in it. The main reason being the more focused your are during a activity, the more efficient you will be at it.

So, here are my five tips to do an excellent undergraduate degree in economics. I hope you find them useful and all the best!

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