This study analysed the data based on a house price sales in a small town of Andover, Massachusetts US. This report concluded that the presence of an incinerator leads to a 13% fall in house prices when the incinerator was being constructed compared to a period when the undesirable land usage was not even rumoured.

The data provided was similar to, if not the same as that used by Kiel and McClain (1995). The data covers two years; that is for 1978 when the incinerator was not even heard of, and of 1981 when the construction of incinerator was started.

For this report, I developed various regression models and then selected, after various statistical tests, the one which suited the situation. I received an upper first class grade in this assignment.

Reference: Kiel, K. and McClain, K., 1995a. Housing Prices during sitting decision states The case of an incinerator from rumour through the operation. Journal of Environmental economics and Management 28 (2), 241-255.


I have a keen interest in political economy and macro economic policymaking. I am working towards my dissertation thesis:  Has monetary policy since Great Recession affected inequality? Evidence from the US.