A month of Masters degree.

Well, after finishing little over a month of my Masters degree I think I am at a better position to comment on the work, that I have, and the emotion a masters student goes through.  One of the main things that differs my master’s from my undergrad is the amount of things that I have to learn and in a more idealistic sense; master. Learning isn’t the only anyone here came for right? A degree is a means to an end. The end could be a job or more study for PhD, but the journey to get there remains strenuous .

Job Application

How many jobs should one apply? Five,  ten, twenty or fifty ? God knows. Well, sadly the main thing is; the more you apply the higher your chances of getting a job. So this misery is not going to get over soon. Better get used to it. Applying for a  job is to some to extent fine. The difficult thing is to manage it all with all the work that gets put on your desk everyday.

Imposter syndrome

In all the introductory talks, they all did  say that most student get into the imposter syndrome. Back then, I never understood what they really meant. After being a masters student for a month, I think I understand what they really meant. Its a feeling that you know you are falling behind and everyone you know is getting ahead. Take me for example, I have hardly done few job applications while one of my friend I spoke to today, had done 20 PhD applications! I am like, seriously, did you just invent time? Don’t know when I will finish the list of the employers I am going to apply for. Maybe when the deadline is passed.

Never ending work

They said it will be a ton of work. They never said it will never stop piling. The lecturers give us few handouts every week and, I am like, mate, I have not even finished the handouts from the last week. Doing two different subject is also a challenging task, in psychology papers I learn about how unconfident we are about predicting human behaviour, while, in economics I confidently predict human behaviour in various instances.

Its been just a month and I think this was, expected to some extent, in a masters degree.  I don’t know if this makes masters worth it or not. Perhaps, one month, or even one year, is not enough time, to judge the worth of a  masters degree. What I know now is that I am really loving the topics I am taught. Almost every single day I am blown away by different things I learn about human behaviour. Maybe I just need to become more efficient. Let’s see where I end up in a months time.

Thanks Austin Kleon for the amazing quote and image.

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